This Crazy World (world_serfer) wrote,
This Crazy World

Exercise on the mathematician for kids

In France 30 million cars.
At night burn 900 cars.

In France of 10 thousand schools.
At night burn 2 schools.

A question: what will terminate earlier - cars or schools?
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BTW yot are arab?Im interesting what your thing about France,why it happens?

For Last Events...
I'm sure that there is some blame on the goverment but also the emigrant who don't have luck at their home must not be sure about having luck out side thier mother country (or maybe unprompted).

I know someone say:
"The French gov. is a reflection of the French people, after all the people over there elected this gov. and the one before that...etc. Basically racism is part of the french culture and identity and the people of Frace are to blame."

For me...
France people are more european people educated.
Schools obvs! It'd take about 13 years whilst it'd take 91 years to burn all the cars. *g*
... I suck at maths