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Friday, March 24th, 2006
2:09 am
Crazy russians
Never asked: "Anyone know Russian ,what mean .... ?" - becouse you see answers
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
7:16 am
Iam live!!!
Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
8:48 am
Monday, November 7th, 2005
4:47 am
Exercise on the mathematician for kids
In France 30 million cars.
At night burn 900 cars.

In France of 10 thousand schools.
At night burn 2 schools.

A question: what will terminate earlier - cars or schools?
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
4:08 am
2:38 am
A Fairy-Tale from the North

An old man set out to go into the woods, although he didn't know what
for. Then he came back and said:
-- Hey, old woman, you!
The old woman fell straight down. Since then, the hares are white in winter.

The Lecture

Pushkov said: -- Woman is the workbench of love.And he immediately received a clout across the gob.
-- What's that for? -- asked Pushkov.
But, not getting any answer to his question, he continued: -- This is what I think: a woman should be tackled from below. Women really like this and only pretend that they don't like it.At this point Pushkov was again struck across the gob.
-- But what on earth is this, comrades! If that's the way it is, I won't carry on speaking -- said Pushkov.
But, after waiting about a quarter of a minute, he continued: -- A woman is so built that she is all soft and damp.
At this point Pushkov was again struck across the gob. Pushkov tried to pretend that he hadn't noticed this and went on: -- If you just sniff a woman...
But at this point Pushkov was so slammed across the gob that he caught hold of his cheek and said: -- Comrades, under these conditions it is absolutely impossible to deliver a lecture. If this happens again, I shall discontinue.
Pushkov waited for a quarter of a minute and then continued: -- Now, where were we? Ah, yes. That was it. A woman loves to look at herself. She sits down in front of the mirror completely naked...At this word, Pushkov again received a clout across the gob.
-- Naked -- repeated Pushkov.
Smack! -- he was weighed into right across the gob.
-- Naked! -- yelled Pushkov.
Smack! -- he received a clout across the gob.
-- Naked! A naked woman! A nude tart! -- Pushkov kept yelling. Smack!
Smack! Smack! -- Pushkov took it across the gob.
-- A nude tart with a ladle in her hands! -- yelled Pushkov.
Smack! Smack! -- the blows rained down on Pushkov.
-- A tart's bum-hole! -- yelled Pushkov, dodging the blows. -- A nude nun!
But at this point Pushkov was struck with such force that he lost consciousness and crumpled to the floor as though pole-axed.
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Monday, October 24th, 2005
4:48 am
3:49 am

Kanatsi par.mp3

Djivan Gasparyan is a legend of Armenia.He plays on national armenian insrtument - duduk.Words are nothing when play his music.
Dowloaded his alboms:Black rock, i will not be sad in this world,Nazari
Also see in this free mp3 collection:
Asian Dub Foundation
Boris Kovaс and Ladaaba orchestra
Diamanda Galas
John Zorn
Mike Patton
Friday, October 21st, 2005
8:44 am
For your links
Tell me if you know interesting groupes!
8:41 am
8:36 am
8:30 am
Alisa Apreleva

3.Ave Maria

Alisa is my friend from Moscow, but now she lives in USA. She had amaizing voice. Welcome to lj apreleva ( her english is well).
8:09 am
Thursday, October 20th, 2005
8:02 am
7:46 am
french chanson
La Rouille

1.La valise
2.En Rade De Marseille
3.La derniere ligne
4.Les Voyageurs Pour Paris

I love not only music,i love photo too.On site of group "La rouille" i find this cool photosCollapse )
7:35 am
7:32 am
russian group from Israel
Крузернштерн и пароход</font>

Mishegene Parovoz
Dangler's Song
Young Ones

It is one of my favorite group.Kip( kruzenshtern i parohod) desrtoy my mind & all forms in music.If love exmerements - dowload all!
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
6:39 am
Hi new friends!
I'm from Moscow,Russia ....so where are you from?
5:51 am
4:23 am
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